RODOPI welcomes its first employees from Portugal

Düsseldorf, 18.10.2019

New employees from Portugal: We welcome our first four workers from the Iberian Peninsula. The new employees will actively support our teams in Rostock as team leaders as well as experienced rotor blade technicians.

As usual, the entire process from arrival to start of work went smoothly and quickly: After picking up at Cologne Bonn Airport and getting to know each other for a snack in the Düsseldorf offices, the last signatures were placed. Since Monday, the newcomers are on site in Rostock in the project.

RODOPI CEO Ercan Kara Osman on the new hires:

„It is no coincidence that RODOPI now welcomes employees from the major seafaring nation: Portugal is a pioneer in the production of electricity from renewable energy sources such as wind, sun or water and wants to become carbon-neutral by 2050.“

And further:

„The widespread use of renewable energies in Portugal has produced many experts from a wide variety of disciplines who are able to complement and expand our teams with their expertise.“


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