Since 2010, RODOPI has been one of the leading companies when it comes to surface coatings for ships and structures as well as wind turbine service. We also offer production of rotor blade components, as well as finish, prefinish and provide other GFK-components for our customers in the business of installing wind power plants. We actively promote the cooperation with our own plant in Ringe/Denmark in this segment. We will take care of the production and professional customization of rotor blades, as well as the corresponding services and repairs.

Steel is a fascinating building material suitable for building almost everything. Depending on the area of applicability, the material is subject to extreme load bearing, such as in ship yards, bridges or other steel structures. This is where we at Rodopi excel and develop customized surface coatings or take care of corrosion protection for you. When choosing the suitable compounds for creating each coating formula, we collaborate with experienced specialists passionate to conquer new challenges.

Extreme working conditions often meet extreme weather situations, on offshore platforms. Our English-speaking experts, not only have a wide range of experience and the necessary fire prevention know-how, but have also attended all of the required safety training sessions. We will not settle for established industrial standards, but shall continue to create new and improved standards whilst incorporating efficiency. Our workmanship is accepted and valued by all leading paint manufacturers and therefore, creates the basis for the guarantee period, as requested by the shipyard.

Expertise in steel surface coating is extremely important in all walks of life. However, the decisive factor is the individual, the employee providing this expertise, experience and the motivation for the cause. The Rodopi staff has zero tolerance where work place safety, fair pay and career advancement is concerned. The confidence and trust of our customers is based on the confidence and trust we have in our staff.