Employees of the RODOPI Group rely on catering from MAGEIREIA

Düsseldorf, 27.11.2019

Employees of the RODOPI Group rely on the services of the caterer MAGEIREIA GmbH and the meat products of BANDAK Bros SA for their own meals. The caterer MAGEIREIA offers our local teams up to three times a day hot meals directly in the vicinity of the project.

“Especially the three-shift operation on our construction sites demands a lot from a catering service provider. For example, for hundreds of employees, the food must be on the table to the minute – and of correspondingly high quality to ensure the efficiency and health of our workforce.”

says Selman Hatzi, Managing Director of RODOPI Personal GmbH for cooperation with MAGEIREIA. And further:

“We also benefit from MAGEIREIA’s cooperation with BANDAK, who supply first-class meat and sausage products and, in particular, bring a piece of home to our employees from the Rhodope region.”

West-Thracian specialties at a high level

High-quality, healthy and helal: These attributes are the best way to characterize the meat and sausage products of the manufacturer BANDAK. The Greek manufacturer delivers its goods directly from the HACCP & ISO22000 certified production facility to our caterer.

Thomas Lückerath from the catering service MAGEIREIA to the cooperation:

“Our high flexibility is one of the key factors that make us an ideal service provider for RODOPI employees. We can install a complete infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of our client’s project locations with a short lead time, thus guaranteeing short routes, punctual delivery of meals and fair prices. “


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